Ursula Fink

born in Graz in 1983, works as a freelance dance and performance artist, dancepadagogue and holistic coach in Vienna.


Studied Contemporary Dance ( Condance, Vienna & North Karelia College, Finland) Body-Theater & Improvisation with Prof.Wilhelm Gansch, „Authentic Contact“ (Jorge & Macedo), „Community Tanz“ (Tamara Mc Lorg). Exploring the richness of Contact Improvisation as an artform since 2012, she studied with Nancy Stark-Smith, Nita Little, Martin Keogh, Ray Chung, Jörg Hassmann and others. Trainingcamps in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey and India.

She graduated in Psychology at the Universitiy of Vienna ( Thesis on Dancetherapy and Mindfulness) and developed a holistic approach of self-awareness in which she is combining Dance, Improvisation and Mindfulness Practice („Moving into Presence“).

Moving into Presence

Since 2014 (“Moving into Presence“) has been invited to take place in various settings a.o. in the frame of the education Coaching Skills ( United Creations ), as Warm Up for the formats „Mixed Art“ in Brunnenpassage Wien (2014), for PROSA and at div. festivals: Seedcamp, Kautzen (2014) Participation Festival, NÖ (2015), am Cambia Festival , Wien Brick5 ( 2015), Flow of Nature Festival , NÖ (2016), in the frame of „Open Stage Theaterwerkstatt“ ( 2017).

Performer / Works

As a performer/dancer she has been part in various projects like:„100 Dancers“ : Research/CI Performances in public space, Kopenhagen (2011), „Dream On“ performative Installation mit Rosidant Performancekollektiv, Kosmos Theater (2011), „Public relations“ Interventionen im öffentlichen Raum mit dem Carpa Theater (2012), „Restless Peace-presence in Motion“ CI Performanceprojekt mit Nita Little, Wuk, 2014; Berlin CI Performance Night, Choreography/Scores:Otto Akkanen, Iris Raipala, 2015 Respiratoire Mäandra, Short Opera Project /Interdisciplinary Projekt, MO.E Vienna, 2016.

The focus of her own work lies on unleashing and interweaving different layers of the human psyche with the impeachment of the suitability of reproduction of every day realities. On the intersection between art and science, utopia and urban space she is dealing with the mechanics of construction/ deconstruction and embodiment of human perception and identity. This is the starting point for performative installations, site specific work and interventions in public space, which employ an interdisciplinary and variational range of media.

„I am that“ Solo, Work in progress, (2017)
„Below the surface_inbetween textures pt1& pt2“, Videoscreening, Ateilier Grundstein 7, (2014)
Cohe(a)rence, eine interaktive Multimedia Installation , Free Space Festival/Kunstkanal (2013)
„Phosphor-der Kreis im Möglichkeitsraum“, performative Installation, Kubus EXPORT (06/07 2012)
L.O.V.E. one man/woman installation, Austellungsrundgang Grundstein7, (2012)
„Respectu gravitatis“ Intervention im öffentlichen Raum, Universität für angewandte Kunst, ( 2012)
„Interconnected- get in contact for planetary consciousness“ a guerilla CI performance in public space, MQ (2010)